Smash Zone Services

Experiences of a lifetime you can only have at The Smash Zone in Wisconsin.

The Smash Zone Services include rooms to smash your stress away. There is a rage, stress, smash, and break room to let go of stress. We offer individual sessions, sessions for two, group sessions, birthday parties, team events, corporate events, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Book your session or book your party to experience a whole new adventure in Milwaukee that you can only experience at The Smash Zone. 

Come experience Milwaukee’s only place that allows you to feel safe in a protected space to release all of your inner smash desires! Here, you’ll feel the freedom of transcendence. Come be among Milwaukee’s smashers that are creating a new way to relieve stress. 

Smash Zone offers rooms where you can smash, rage, break things, all in a stress room. 

This allows you to let go of your daily stress or just come for your entertainment. Your experience starts with coming in, gearing up to break your stuff, choose your weapons, getting your items to smash, turn your favorite music on with Google Home, and start smashing, raging, and breaking your stress away. the whole session lasts for 45-50 minutes. Hurry and book your session as space is limited!

Smash Rooms

All packages include items from our inventory to smash. Everything from:

    • Computer Monitors
    • All household items breakable
    • Pictures
    • Frames
    • Vases
    • Dishes
    • Anything and everything to break
    • And more

Extra smashables can be purchased à la carte with cash.


Mobile Smash Room ($800/Includes 10 people)

We will come to you! Want to rage at your place? Let us know your location and where you would like us to set up. You have never had a party like this before, this is your chance to host your rage party! This is great for all types of parties, corporate parties, Team building ect, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, divorce parties, break up party or just let’s get together party. We include baskets of breakables, and electronics to Smash. We bring the Proctective gear, and the pop up for your guests and you to rage in. You will also get your weapons of destruction to use to smash the crap out of your stuff. And no worries we clean-up for you. What we need you to do is make sure everyone is dressed appropriately, if this is a corporate event, please show us where we can use the dumpster. For parties that are more than 15 or more must provide us with a place for us to dispose of the smashed trash. For all reservations, please call a week in advance. This gives us the best opportunity to have the best selection of stuff to smash! Do have a large party that you want to host that is more than 22 people please call us to set up for referenceclick to investigate

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Special Events Packages

Private Party Packages ($175)

We offer private party packages for special occasions; the rooms are prearranged in advance for you and your guests. You can bring in your own food to snack on during your break. Groups of 1-4, at $175. Any additional participants are an extra $45 each. Ideal for:
  • Birthdays
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Divorce Parties
  • Breakup Parties
  • Or any reason party!

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Corporate Events Packages

For groups of 29 people. Call for special pricing if your corporation would like to come on a regular basis. Payment due at the time of booking. These are up to 1 ½ to 2 hour long events. We offer a special area for you to bring in your own food if you want to snack and take a break. Corporate Pricing Available for a multiple time commitment (Call for Corporate Pricing). Ideal for:
  • Team Outings 
  • Team Building 
  • Sales Team Quota Busters

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Splatter Room

We are now offering paint throwing to rid your stress in the Smash Zone. The room is designed to capture your stress through throwing paint. You can throw paint at the wall or at each other you decide. See what you create from your stress to the wall.

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Smash Zone Services Splatter Room.

Splatter Room

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Photo Smashing

Do you want to smash your ex-husband or husband’s face in? How about your boss? Send me a photo of anyone’s face you’d like to smash or destroy. I will print it out and you can finally do what you’ve always wanted to… The picture will be hanging up for you to rage against. Don’t throw or break your items and make a mess at your house or office to clean before anyone sees, risking the possibility of serious trouble! No, come to the smash zone and break, smash, or rage our items anything you want and we’ll do the clean up. At the Smash Zone, we are a safe place to destroy and break stuff in a room specifically designed and built to take a beating. At the end of a stressful day, come and do one of our unique packages that you can only find here at the Smash Zone. Come one or come all, family, friends, co-workers, to the most smashing destination in Wisconsin!  

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Stress Management Program

Includes four times a month to come in and relieve stress or celebrate success. This will be the ultimate program that will benefit you and others around you. You can use your four times however you want. You can come individually or with your friends. Call for further explanation. 

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