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Smash Zone's Story

At the Smash Zone you can break items in a break room or a rage room to smash out your stress. Clients will be treated with understanding, compassion, and solutions to manage everyday stress. I opened the Smash Zone in honor of my beautiful daughter Victoria. She passed away from cancer in 2010. Life changed for me, I felt that I didn’t have the tools to know how to live again. Through lots of learning and to be honest therapy, I learned ways to cope and channel my broken heart. I heard of smash rooms that allowed you to break things in a rage room in Texas. This empowered me to start the Smash Zone. Everyday, people have stress whether they realize it or not. Life can be challenging raising a family, relationships, divorce, job loss, co-workers that are bullies, and the list just goes on and on. When our body starts giving us signs like being tired, low energy, headaches, insomnia, loss of sex drive and so on, we need to take action. When we start feeling this stuff that is our wake-up call to do something about it. The top two ways that you can reduce stress are exercise and deep breathing. (Source:

Here at the Smash Zone you get to do both. The act of smashing items in a break room or rage room is allowing you to redirect your energy into breaking things. It feels good to take a sledgehammer and destroy the crap out of a computer monitor and many more items. Then after comes guided meditation. This process of smashing and breaking things in a safe environment such as a rage room, coupled with meditation allows you to feel transformed. When you are going through one of life’s challenges, or just living and you start feeling drained, it’s time to call the Smash Zone to start smashing your stress away! The Smash Zone is changing the way our community is managing stress. We are Making The Community Better One life at a time. Come join the smashers of Milwaukee raging and breaking their stress away, having an experience like no other!

Image of Victoria Lopez.

Victoria Lopez

Glenda Granados’ daughter, Victoria Lopez, died from complications of cancer in March 2010 when she was 17 years old. Granados opened Smash Zone to help others release whatever they’re going through.

What is Smash Zone?

Smash Zone is a safe, fun environment where you can let out any emotions, stress, anger, passion, frustration, anything you’re feeling, we’re here to help. In addition to releasing excess tension, you’ll  experience something completely new and truly life-changing. Bring your friends, grab one of the provided bats, crowbars or sledgehammers and a box of items just waiting to be smashed to bits, crank up your favorite music and get to smashing! We provide everything you’ll need in order to express yourself, including the tools, breakables, protective gear and a room literally made for destruction.

What sets us apart from other Rage Rooms is our unique process, designed with the customer in mind. After immersing yourselves in the Smash Zone, we’ll help you convert your invigorated energy into something positive through a brief meditation session. It truly needs to be experienced to be believed, the transformative process of smashing your stress away and turning it into constructive, positive energy. After that, you’ll get to leave a message behind on the wall of the Break Room, either something you want to leave behind or just something you’ve always wanted to write on a wall. This is a judgment-free zone.
We’re more than just your average Rage Room; we’re a space to express your individualism through releasing your stress from a divorce, break-up, any life-changing event;  or even to celebrate a big day — a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, or any reason you can think of. Your inner desires come alive through a transcendent guided meditation. At Smash Zone, we believe that stress doesn’t have to be destructive to your mind, body and soul. Come experience the difference and smash that stress away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smash Zone puts safety first and foremost. You are provided with protective gear from your head to toe that includes a helmet, gloves, along with a protective jacket.

Just you and your friends!

The Smash Zone provides a safe, clean environment. The safety gear gets sanitized after each session. Masks are left to the discretion of the client.  

Any cancelation must be called within 72 hours before your session. Credit will be issued as a credit to your account or an automatic reschedule during your cancellation call. If there is a weather emergency your appointment will be rescheduled and there are no refunds for a weather emergency.

Due to the preparation and cleanup necessary for this activity, we unfortunately cannot accept walk-ins. We do, however, have a quick and easy booking process so you can get to smashing as soon as possible.

Smash Zone is available to all ages 12+

Unfortunately not, however we do provide add-on smashables such as Computer Monitors, Furniture, Old Electronics, Plate Stacks, and much, much more. All may be purchased a la carte. Please bring your cash to purchase these items. 

Contact Us

(262) 370-9839

10111 W Capitol Dr suite 10, Wauwatosa, WI 53222

Monday–WednesdayOpen for corporate events only
Thursday–Sunday11:00 AM–9:00 PM

Located in the old Play it Again Sports building, in the back of building. Second driveway when turning in on South 102nd street.